Round table - The Attack on Karlovac in September 1993
Announcement: 01/09/2023

Round table - The Attack on Karlovac in September 1993

A round table discussion on the attack on Karlovac in September 1993 is being held on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the event, initiated by the Association of Members of the 110th Military Brigade of the Croatian National Guard (ZNG/HV), and organized by the Karlovac City Museums.

In September 1993, the so-called Serbian Army of Krajina launched an attack on the city of Karlovac with the aim of pushing Croatian forces out of the Turnje and Gornji Mekušje areas, and to break through to the right bank of the Korana and Kupa rivers. This action by the enemy forces, codenamed "Operation Rain," was initiated as retaliation for the successful Croatian military-police action in the Medački džep.

On September 9th, artillery bombardment of Karlovac commenced. Despite the sacrifice of fallen and wounded members, the attack on the front line was halted by the forces of the 13th Home Guard Regiment of Karlovac. On September 13th, the intervention company of the 110th HV Brigade, units from the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the 110th HV Brigade, and the RAK-12 battery from the 137th HV Brigade joined the battle. In a coordinated action on September 13th, Croatian forces repelled a decisive enemy armored-artillery-infantry attack. This marked the final significant attempt by the so-called Serbian Army of Krajina to capture Turnj and reach the bridge over the Korana river. The defense of these bridgeheads was crucial for the subsequent execution of Operation Storm, as most of the supplies in that operation were transported across the bridges on the Mrežnica and Korana rivers, bridges now named after the 13th Home Guard Regiment and the 110th Brigade.

In the enemy attack on the city from September 9th to 13th, 11 civilians and 9 Croatian defenders lost their lives. On September 10th, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, visited the city of Karlovac and visited wounded individuals in the hospital.

The objectives of this round table are as follows: elevating the topic of the defense of the city of Karlovac in September 1993 to a higher level of awareness; discussing previously unknown or lesser-known aspects and facts; permanently recording the testimonies of active participants in the defense and developing new approaches for commemorating this event.

Speakers at the round table:

Dr. sc. Ante Nazor
Retired Colonel Josip Slaćanin
Retired General Ivan Polović
Retired Captain Martin Barić
Retired Colonel Nikola Bakale
Retired Brigadier Josip Tomačić
Retired Brigadier Dubravko Halovanić
Dr. sc. Dubravko Derk
Miroslav Rade, mag. ing. sec.
Katica Rubić , ing. med. lab. diag.