Comic drawing workshops
Announcement: 31/05/2023

Comic drawing workshops

In the Museum of the Homeland War Karlovac - Turanj, as part of the program for National Day, a multi-day comic book drawing workshop for children "Homeland War in comics" was held. Gifted elementary school students from three Karlovac elementary schools - Turanj, Grabrik, and Dubovac - participated in the workshops. The students were encouraged to participate by art professors in the desire for further development of students with an already noticed artistic talent. The theme of the created comics was the Homeland War in Karlovac. The workshops were led by professional cartoonist and Homeland War volunteer Nenad Nenoos Barinić.

Nenad Barinić is a well-known Croatian cartoonist and illustrator, biker, and retired Croatian military veteran who has many years of love for the ninth art. He has been drawing comics and illustrations since he was a child, and since 1986 he has been publishing in various publications. Barinić has been holding comic schools for young students for more than 13 years. He is the illustrator of many books, as well as a professional associate and illustrator, he participated in numerous documentary films. He is the winner of several awards for artistic expression, and HRT shot a documentary film "Life with Pictures" that talks about his life and work.

A collection of student comics will be printed from the works of the workshop participants, which will be presented to the authors. The workshops were organized by Juraj Horvatin, curator of the Department of Contemporary History since 1991.

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