129th HV Brigade Karlovac
Announcement: 18/10/2023

129th HV Brigade Karlovac

On Monday, October 23, 2023, at 11 AM, we will open an exhibition titled "129th HV Brigade Karlovac" at the Museum of the Homeland War Karlovac - Turanj.

We are opening the exhibition on the anniversary of the formation of the brigade, and it is dedicated to the 129th HV Brigade Karlovac and all its members.

The exhibition includes photographs of the brigade's members, positions, and activities of the 129th HV Brigade during its existence and operations in 1991 and 1992. From its formation and solemn oath-taking, through various combat positions, to the summer of 1992 when the Brigade was demobilized.

The exhibition showcases various organizational units of the Brigade, collaboration with other HV units, activities related to fortifying positions, monitoring critical communication points, military exercises, and combat positions in the defense of Karlovac and the Republic of Croatia. Everyday duties such as regular weapon maintenance and food preparation are also depicted.The exhibition also features various activities of Brigade members held during 1992, after the ceasefire, including chess tournaments, musical performances by the "Bećari 129th Brigade," and an Easter concert at the HV Zrinski House organized by the Brigade. In the pursuit of reminiscing about normal civilian life, the exhibition includes a photograph of actors from the Zorin Dom theater performing a play for Brigade members on the frontline during the ceasefire.

The photographs depict the tragedy of destruction and casualties, an unavoidable part of war, but they also showcase the care and concern of Brigade members for their wounded and fallen comrades. Images of visits to the wounded in the hospital, final farewells, and meetings of HV veterans and wounded soldiers on the Adriatic coast are an integral part of the exhibition.

In addition to photographs, the exhibition space showcases the flag of the 129th HV Brigade, the Brigade's insignia, and all other items and documents that, under the motto "Our Brigade," bear witness to the activities of the Association of Members of the 129th Brigade of the Croatian Army Karlovac. The exhibition also features panels detailing the Brigade's history and the fallen members of the Brigade, as well as video materials about the 129th HV Brigade.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Association of Members of the 129th Brigade of the Croatian Army Karlovac. On the suggestion of the association's president, Miroslav Rade, exhibition collaborators included association members Milan Maleš, Nenad Antonović, and Zdenko Barjaković, whose assistance contributed to the creation of all exhibition captions and photo descriptions. The exhibition will be open until February 25, 2024.